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third luck~

Everyone, thank you so much for yesterday, I'm sorry I went home quite early! The fireworks were just not to my taste. But I had fun! So thank you~

Greed-san, I think you're a good person despite what people say. I'm sorry for the trouble, Doumeki-kun, I was just a little surprised by it.

Filtered to Doumeki//Easily hackable 'cause she's still learningCollapse )

Private//Easily hackableCollapse )

second luck!

I thought the sun not rising would be bad, but it turns out that playing with glowsticks in the dark is quite fun! The music is also very cute. Someone said there will even be a party tonight! I guess I'm not coming however, since I still don't know my way around the city.

Does anyone wanna come with me to the square though? I'd very much like to see the lights all around the city! I'm sure it will be very beautiful~

EDIT: ...ah, did someone get hurt while dancing? I found a finger in my hair. Uhm, the nail is painted pink so... a woman? ...eh? C-could it have been the fireworks? Oh...

[ooc: for those who aren't familiar with xxxHOLIC, Himawari brings bad luck to those who come close to her. Some people can be unaffected because of their strong supernatural defense power, like Doumeki, and that's up to the muns to decide~

The bad luck can be something trivial like dropping a cup because of a hand touched by Himawari to even death if you're very close to her. This is of course up to the muns, again.

So~ does anyone wanna come with her and have the bad luck of seeing a rain of bodyparts? :3]

{Voice post]


...Ah, there you go!

Well, it seems that I am rather lost here. Uhm, very lost, actually [chuckles] My name is Kunogi Himawari and I am from Tokyo. I would be most grateful if you can help me get home! It's getting quite late and my parents would be worried... I'm sure they'll give you a reward!


Thank you very much!

[crackling, end]

OOC; character info

Name: Kunogi Himawari
Series: xxxHOLIC
Version: After Volume 11
Age:  17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

A defining feature of Himawari would be her tendency to cause bad luck to those who are close to her; both physically and/or emotionally. So far, only Doumeki, Yuuko, Mokona and Tanpopo are immune to this, probably because of their strong spiritual powers. She has come to terms with this very maturely for her age; just because she is cursed with giving bad luck to those close to her doesn't mean that it will stop her from always being cheerful. 

Himawari is a very kind girl, but she also has wisdom to back it up. She tries to always give the best for those around her, but the fear of harming them always stops her from crossing the line she's drawn herself. During the series, Himawari often brings food and gifts for Doumeki and Watanuki, but it is important to note that she never makes them herself. She has promised Watanuki that his next birthday present will be handmade however, and she is working hard to fulfill it.

She cares a lot for Watanuki and Doumeki as they are probably her only real friends. When Watanuki fell off the second floor, she was willing to bear his scars in order to save his life. While the same instance never happened with Doumeki, she would definitely do the same for him. After all, even if Watanuki often thought that Himawari favored Doumeki over him, she never did favor any of them over the other.

Himawari might seem like a typical cute, genki and kind girl, but there is definitely more than meets the eye. She may not have Watanuki's vision or Doumeki's exorcism powers, but she definitely has wisdom and patience enough to carry the burden given to her with a genuine smile. She proves that having a hard life doesn't mean you're forced to a life of misery with or without a mask of smiles. She has made herself content with what she has, and she fancies herself the happiest person in the world.

ooc space~

This post is for any OOC comments you'd like to make regarding the character~ Criticisms and suggestions are very welcome! Any ideas for plots and things can also be posted here. Don't worry about biting, I'll love you muchly for any feedback!

All comments are screened and anonymous comments are allowed, so comment away~