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13th (bad) luck :3

Has everyone returned from the balloon popping party? No one is hurt right? I want to apologize for causing so much trouble! I will be more careful next time.

And of course, thank you... Ahaha, I feel so loved! ♥

Oh, there's a man who just arrived in the City! His name is Ukitake Jyuushirou~ he's very nice, but he's feeling a little lost. Is it alright if he stays at the Hot Springs for awhile? He can use my room.

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twelfth luck~

Wah~ it's nice to have no shackles on anymore, although the company was surely nice. They made my wrist kind of raw, but I'm sure it will heal soon. It sure was an interesting day, huh, Mr. Hyde~?

Also, Fai-san, Kurogane-san, I'm not that oblivious! Thank you, but it was rather unnecessary, Mr. Hyde is very nice.

eleventh luck~!

Wahh~ look at all the cute onigiris I found!

Yagami-san and I are going for a picnic at Xanadu tomorrow afternoon, would anyone like to come along too? I have more than enough food for five people~!

Ne, Hansel, Gretel, do you want to join us? Doumeki-kun?
I will be in my quarters should anyone wish to find me.

If you are unfamiliar with the layout of the manor, you may ask the guards. While they will lay down their lives to protect the Family, I have given them strict instructions regarding myself. Anyone who wish to see me must only ask.

Please do not harm the guards, they have no part in our mistakes.

Madame Royale, I have sent the servant girls to fetch you some tea. It seems we have run out of biscuits, I hope you will not mind. I am sure Salieri will be more than delightful enough for the time being.
No, I refuse to renounce my oath of loyalty to the queen. She is a woman who had been more sinned against than she has sinned. Are all of you so blind that you cannot see what it is you are doing?

Vive la Reine! I say. She is one who had done so much for us.

[ooc: I need to be nicer to Himawari a princess, anyone? >3]

eight... luck?

What have I done?? Kurogane-san, Fai-san, I'm so sorry!

Will someone bring me proper clothes, please? I'd like to retire to my room now. Doumeki-kun, Riou-san, Yagami-san, Greed-san, uhm... thief-san, it was all because of the curse right? Everyone, I'm deeply sorry for what happened I did.

[ooc: strikes are hackable~ and Himawari's upset! >:O]

Lucky number seven!

I bought a dress today~ Wanna see~? I'm not used to wearing dresses, so it feels rather... suffocating. But oh, it's fastened at the back so I can't take it off by myself.

Ahh, I wonder if someone will come and help me?

Nevermiiind~ she's well taken care of now~

[ooc: how could I not join?]

Sixth luck!

I really wish there's something I can do in exchange for staying here. Yuuko-san said that I must pay but she hasn't asked me for payment yet. Perhaps it is because there is nothing I can give?

Ahaha, that sounds so sad. Everyone, do tell me if there's anything I can do to help with anything!

And Doumeki-kun, thank you, you're very kind. Rosette-san, you're very lucky~ ♥

Fifth luck! [voice post]

Ah, it's so nice to be breathing fresh air without the smell again. Thank you to everyone who helped eat the Blob~! Thank you to those who tried to help too!

Now just to get home... [a thud]


[ooc: Himawari fainted from dehydration, also a voice post because she can't quite feel her fingers. I'm going to catch up on work now, won't be gone long~]

fourth luck!

Ah, everyone, perhaps it's better if you don't shoot at the thing as it might hurt people. We're doing fine in here and waiting for a day is definitely not a problem~