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twenty-third luck~

Since it's Fall, we're having an abundance of Dahlias at Ajisai~ They are 1 orange each, but with 10 oranges, you will get a dozen~

Also, I'd like to welcome Kohaku as my new helper! I'm sure we'll get along very well~! ♥

New people seem to come to the City every other week, I wonder why. Welcome to any newcomers anyway!



We specialize in fresh-cut flowers of the season with the guarantee that they will be of best quality! If you are confused or simply clueless about what to get, simply come along and we will help you find just the perfect one for your needs~ ♥

We also offer flower-arranging services for no extra charge!

Since I don't know much about the proper prices yet, they are all negotiable! Simply ask me!




twenty-first luck!

Doumeki-kun, would you like to name the shop?

And, everyone~ I have many flowers as well as decorative plants to sell! I can do some flower arranging for you at no cost too. It isn't a proper shop yet, but feel free to contact me through my journals for an order.

I will open a proper shop once I find a place!

twentieth luck~

I am no doctor and no expert in the matters of diseases, but I have in my possession some lavenders and posies. Perhaps they would ease your sufferings... So much death, and the smell is--

If there is anything else I can give, do inform me.

nineteenth luck~!

Not much to say other than how glad I am that the terrible curse day is over! I hope everyone is alright now, regretting what has happened rarely amounts to anything, ne?

I'm also glad that my friends are alright although they are terribly hurt. I'm angry... that people are so mean to be attacking such kind people, but still I'm glad that they're alive! Furo-kun and I will be visiting them later today~!

I'll also be bringing them some food! And perhaps some flowers too, from the mini garden that I've been keeping myself busy with. Most of the flowers have bloomed!

I wonder if a flower shop would be successful in the city?

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eighteenth luck!

Fellow HOKI members~

Don't forget to do your daily acts of kindness today~ Remember: "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!"

I've thought up of some ideas for you guys!Collapse )

We have to work hard to make this City filled with kindness, but I'm sure that HOKI will achieve just that~ ♥

seventeenth luck~

Ne, ne, Fai-san, is it alright if I name the kitty Fluorite? It will be Furo-kun for short~ And I don't think I've said thank you yet! It really is very wonderful to have company! Furo-kun is very fun to be with~ ♥

Oh! Anyone looking for a helping hand perhaps? I won't ask for a high wage, just enough for living costs would already be wonderful!

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sixteenth luck!

Wahh~ such pretty-looking coins we have for money! The deities surely are kind to be giving us money so freely.

I didn't think of gathering much for myself though and rent will be due soon! I guess I have to walk around town for a job now. Does anyone know of a job vacancy that doesn't require very special skills?

Also, Fai-san, I tried making the cake you taught me and it turned out quite edible! I left it at the entrance of the Hot Springs for everyone to try~ ♥


fifteenth luck!

Morning everyone~! Uhm, very early morning everyone~ ♥

Fai-san, how have you been lately? Doumeki-kun, Kurogane-san, Sakura-chan, Greed-san, everyone! What have you been up to? I hope everyone is well! I've been doing very good, myself, although I do miss all of you very much.

Oh! The boss called again, will reply whenever possible!

fourteenth luck!

I left a letter in my room, but I'm still on the network if you want to talk to me. So it's not really goodbye, alright? I'm still so glad to have met all of you.

Fai-san, I'll try my best to cook something good, then I will give it to you someday! Get well soon!

And everyone, I'm still here, so it's all alright! It's better this way, for all of you and also for me! ♥

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[ooc: explanation here and here. In her goodbye letter would just be explaining the whys and how this is best as seeing them come to harm would make her sad too~]